Fly your freak flag Friday BLOG -come on in

a82cbd64d2e2a41ed1b5b8c27688743bOK this is me, Angie, being consistent, which I am not, and starting a weekly blog.

Fly your flag- yes I said it, freak flag, blog is about Friday and what you do with your Friday night. Or absolutely anything you want to write, rant, blog, blame etc.

Come on in, the water’s great. 

Paw Paw’s Paw. He’s a polydactyl. Extra toes.

7 on each front paw and 5 on each hind. Total is 24

December 2nd 2016

Week 2 of my Fly your freal flag fly Friday.

Well I want this to take off.

I am gonna say my flag is flying and it’s Saturday, yep I’m late! I got a new phone And it’s so fucking cool. It’s an zte and I had an zte before and this one seems like we could go all the way. Woop. Thanks mom. Thanks Metro.

Friday Friday Friday 

Well my relationship yo yo is in the off position.  I am not sad now. It’s too hard to stay invested.